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Platform scales
Platform scales are designed for use in industry and trade. Their characteristic feature is durable platform, made from steel sections, covered with pan from stainless steel.  

Scales are produced in three versions, suitable for various environmental conditions:
   - basic type – normal conditions, platform structure made from lacquered steel, pan – stainless steel,
   - stainless type (N) – resistant to water and detergents, platform made from stainless steel,
   - hermetic type (H) – resistant to acids and salts solutions, platform made from stainless steel.

Scale platforms are available in following dimensions:
A0 : 100x150x70mm
A1 : 150x200x70mm
A2 : 200x200x80mm
A3 : 250x260x110mm
A4 : 300x300x70mm
A4+ : 305x315x70mm
A5 : 400x400x120mm
A6 : 400x500x120mm
A8 : 600x500x135mm
A10 : 800x800x150mm

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