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CEAST MF10 Basic Melt Flow Tester


CEAST MF10 Basic Melt Flow Tester

Category : Process Tester

Manufacture : Instron


CEAST MF10 is the entry level model of the CEAST Melt Flow Testers Series. A simple and robust instrument, designed to perform tests according to Procedure A of ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238 and equivalents.


Temperature testing range goes from 30 to 400 °C (resolution of 0.1°C), with accuracy and stability according to ISO 1133-1. Barrel and piston are made of hardened steel, precision-machined according to ISO and ASTM requirements. Each unit is supplied with one tungsten carbide die, barrel and die cleaning tools, and one test mass for 2160 grams. The die can be removed easily from the bottom of the barrel, for cleaning and inspection, thanks to the quick-release slide system.


The following certificates are included: CE certificate, Quality certificate, dimensional conformity certificates of barrel, piston and die.