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CEAST 9350 Drop Tower Impact System


CEAST 9350 Drop Tower Impact System

Category : Mechanical & Physical Tester

Manufacture : Instron


The CEAST 9350 is a floor standing impact system designed to deliver 0.59 -757 J (0.44 - 558 ft-lb) or up to 1,800 J (1,330 ft-lbs) with optional high energy system. As the premier model in the CEAST 9300 line, this model includes many time-saving features and supports a large variety of options – from chambers to extra energy. The CEAST 9350 works with our impact software and data acquisition system to make analysis simple. This versatile instrument can be used to test anything from composites to finished products, and is suitable for a range of impact applications including tensile impact, puncture, Izod, and Charpy.