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Goods packaging

Weight control of goods sold in closed packages and marked with weight is regulated by packed goods law that are obligatory in Poland.

The law obliges the packaging unit for the control according to the allowed methods, with use of instruments fulfilling the specified metrological requirements. In particular, the producer is obliged for the control of average net weight and number of faulty pieces in each product lot.

Net weight measurement should be realized with use of legalized balances, having precision adjusted for the nominal net weight of packed product (Qn).

For results processing we offer computer software TP, having all required options of goods lot inspection:

- destructive and non-destructive inspection (reference method)

- simplified inspection (consistent with reference method)

- full inspection

- producer’s internal inspection (not assuring consistence with the law) 

Volume measurement is performed by transforming weight into volume. The software has option for packages with variable tare, e.g. glass packages.

The TP software allows for simultaneous operation of many balances in few production lines. Balance operators receive messages of the inspection result and optical and acoustic signals, determining moments of successive measurements.

For Customers, which do not want to implement the computer system, we offer hand-held inspection set, consisting of B/TP series balance and printer, which prints the inspection report.  In the future, in case of control system expansion need, balances from the inspection sets may be connected to the computer.

Goods packaging

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