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Counting scales

BD/TL counting scales series are designed to count details with equal mass in storages, manufacturing supervision,
sorting etc.

Pieces counting function is based on calculating equal mass of detail received from measurement sample quantity entered by keyboard. During counting “learning algorithm” is used  that corrects inaccuracies of counting. Using three separate displays and effective ways of pieces counting distinguish BD/TL scales as specialized work instrument, but it can also be used for standard measurementsof mass.
Beside functions related with pieces counting, scales are equipped with a lot of functions boosting overall effectiveness
of scale. Storing entered tare, auto-zeroing, measurement in various weighting units (g, kg, ct, lb, oz, ozt), measurements series summary etc. 

During weighing a big amount of similar products, a problem of fast and reliable identification occurs. This happens during quality assessment  on production and during stocktaking. The solution of this problem is marking products with
a bar code and then using  a scale equipped with a barcode reader.

A set, consisting of scale and bar code reader easily enables to make a lot of measurements with goods identification. Thanks to built-in product library, BD/TL scale enables to inscribe 1000 products (inscribed data for one product: unitary mass, barcode, tare value, threshold values) and identificate them by using barcode reader .

เครื่องชั่งนับจำนวน (Counting scales)

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